On Quora, Facebook Mafia, and Media Convergence

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First of all, congratulations to the Quora team for their Benchmark investment! http://bit.ly/dDoQ6S

Seems as though the era of the “Facebook Mafia” is soon to be upon us, with http://www.asana.com/ raising a super competitive round, http://jumo.com/ soft-launching to a lot of excitement and curiosity (if not much else yet), and the newest from the guys over at Quora.

Everybody’s been asking the same question, though: what happens at scale? Are networks, endorsed answers, and the subtleties of anti-anonymity enough to keep the content as rich and relevant as it is now? It seems to me that the “insidery” early-adopter experience here will be wildly different from the casual user’s experience.

Also, relating back to my earlier post about the excess of media on the internet, there are so many online services and gadgets all of which overlap almost entirely in providing us content. Between Facebook, Twitter, Gchat, Tumblr, Buzz, Quora, iPhone, iPad, Kindle, laptop, netbook, I am constantly surprised to find out that there is still room for a new tool. Maybe it’s because every problem you solve creates a new one, or something. But point is, so much for convergence.

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