On Tumblr Entering the Fashion Game

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Maybe I’m out of the loop, but I was chatting with an investor friend about how it’s surprising how underdeveloped the fashion blogging community seems, considering how young, energetic, influential, and tech-savvy they have become. Tumblr is making a play at it as a static middleman. I like where their head’s at, and I think there’s a lot of interesting technology plays that can be made in the fashion blogging industry, but I don’t think this is the coolest one. I want to see something that aggregates trends. Fashion will benefit from that much more than music does, which is saying a lot, since hypem.com and elbo.ws are just about all anyone talks about these days.

And on that note, why has nobody come up with a web crawler that measures the spread of memes? I’ve always been interested to see a heat map of where and how memes spread, the way Netflix wonderfully did in their NYT Interactive piece. There must be somebody out there looking at trends about where videos originate, and how they move geographically over some sort of timeline. I want to see!

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