JFP applications open, hiring underway!

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Applications are open for the Jiao Fellows Program, starting this summer. Check it out at www.jiaofellows.org!

We want recent grads who have a sense for the changing global landscape to go out to Shandong Province, in the “real China”, and get engaged with Chinese citizens in a way that is productive for both parties. This is meant to be more than a simple teaching job, where mercernary “backpack teachers” get mediocre and ineffective curricula, and use it as an excuse to travel, and are treated poorly by their sponsoring staff. We have integrated our social programs deeply and directly with both our teaching curriculum and with the programming around our Chinese students. We want to help forge an ethos of partnership and fellowship between two countries who have long been antagonistic, and do so through the most sacred of acts: educating youth. We have partnered with The Giving Tree (givingtreechina.org) and Social Venture Group, and are looking for more partners in the space. If you have any interest in joining us as a partner, or your Chinese organization needs support from young entrepreneurial talent, please email partners@jiaofellows.org or drop me a line.


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