On iPad, ctd.

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John Doerr and some of the KCPB guys have some good thoughts in a Techcrunch guest post. If Bill Joy says lower power is the key to performance, then lower power is the key to performance. Before hearing what Steve Jobs actually thought the confluence was for his company, I would always have called it the intersection of Hardware and Software. The fact that they are revolutionizing design, software, and hardware all in one with their proprietary low-power chip, multi-touch screen, and incredibly fast processing, is quite something.

Minority Report is one of my favorite science-fiction movies ever not so much because of the “PreCogs” and “PreCrime”, but because of how they envisioned the “Brave New World” of UEX in computing. The notion that I can use my hands to create and manipulate “data” that exists in “space” remains a remarkable achievement in science to me. I’ve been a loyal iPhone user for years, and I still haven’t gotten over it. A friend of mine just let me know that his brother is on the plane today, and there are some 30 iPads, and it is madness among those who are craning and straining, trying to get a glimpse. Brave New World, indeed.

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