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Virgin Greenfund quietly investing in later stage Cleantech Start-ups: http://nyti.ms/dbZNoi I’ve been trying, for almost a year now, to figure out whether or not Venture Capital is in fact still a relevant asset class. My friend Adam suggests that it’s not. Not sure I agree, or that I understand why. Recently published research from the Kaufman Foundation suggests that since the boom of venture capital from 1980 or so, there hasn’t been a rise in total job creation, so maybe he’s right. Should there just be a community of angels, convertible notes and traditional loans for growth capital, and a secondary market in the relevant industry (the fact that there isn’t a secondary market that is well-policed but allows for company shares to be traded hurts innovation. Sometimes adding additional layers of complexity results in corruption – read: speculative commodities markets – but not in this case, I don’t think)? The linked article isn’t in any way relevant to this question. Just musing.

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