American Decline and The Right

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Think of the difference between George H W Bush in Kuwait and George W Bush in Iraq. Much of the right still longs for the swagger of the latter. The more discerning ones know better.”

This is a sober and well-presented analysis of the conservative mentality in the face of a nation being eclipsed by the future. I have to admit that I am becoming more of an Edmund Burkian every day. I love BHO, and he could barely do wrong in my book, but I see him through the lens of Edmund Burke. I don’t think they share that much in ideology – Obama isn’t a libertarian, of course, though he is more of a center-leftist than anyone on either side wants to believe – but they share much in temperament. And temperament is an underrated and crucial aspect of politics. Stay cool, stay cool forever.

American Decline and The Right

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