Women are better at everything

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Feminism isn’t a women’s issue, it’s a global issue. Ever wonder why social entrepreneurship (read: all low-income entrepreneurship is social entrepreneurship, if you ask me) in developing countries trends way disproportionately towards women? Along with that article, this recent trending article and the accompanying, broader TIME magazine article are signs that it’s time for both women and men to wake up. We live in a modern world, one frankly better equipped for a woman’s neurobiology than a man’s, and one where the women hold the keys to the future (children). It’s no surprise that our girls are doing better than our boys, at every academic level (except at the highest levels where there is still cultural inertia). We should acknowledge these differences, celebrate them, and then decide, as a global society, to balance nurture in the home with breadwinning across the genders (because women are better at both, and disproportionately putting either gender in either category is damaging. I felt this in my gut in an earlier post, but it’s becoming clearer now). Let’s get more men in the kitchens and in PTA meetings, lets get more women in boardrooms and heads of state. Word.

Women are better at everything

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