the breakup box

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Carefree White Girl leaves for 4th of July weekend, but not before breaking up with her boyfriend. When he e-mails her 8 hours later he says: “i have a bunch of your shit. I can’t look at it, it hurts too bad.” Before shutting her phone off to go grill brats and dogs and bison and set off fire works in a field she writes back: “Hey Shane, I actually landed in Portland, a bunch of friends are celebrating the 4th on an island off the coast of Washington. Anyway, I’m not sure when I’ll be back, my friend Tom is doing a huge art installation on this island and I’m thinking of sticking around and helping him. So my friend Paul just sent me this link! They store stuff for you when you go through a breakup i guess!? Maybe it’ll be useful?! I don’t really need any of that stuff back right away or anything. yours, xx -carefree white girl”

Nice!! My dear friend Alex just launched this site and it’s already getting picked up. Definitely a novel and smart idea. So awesome.

the breakup box

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