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For Hollywood to be killed, the Internet needs to focus on a metric other than eyeballs. It’s not about mass, it’s about good. That’s absolutely anti-YouTube and anti-Farmville and any other content which we expect to be rapid, mass and disposable. Disposable content isn’t bad, it’s just not everything. And as long as that’s all that the Valley is putting out, we won’t kill Hollywood.

Killing Hollywood Will Require Learning Hollywood’s Game | PandoDaily (via mbb)

Reminds me of this New Yorker article that also recognizes that Hollywood is about scarcity, and Silicon Valley about scale. And it’s not that we don’t understand Hollywood’s game. As Fred Wilson points out, it’s that we don’t like it. It seems to me that both sides of the argument (we need to focus on more than eyeballs, and that scarcity is a fucked up thing) have merit, and I’m wondering if Sarah would suggest that we need to start to emulate some of Hollywood’s M.O., because I don’t think that’s right at all. But I’m not sure what the right solution is.

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