Stop Building Apps and Start Disrupting Industries

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You either build something that makes the world a better place or you don’t. There are complete industries built on creating arbitrary value for the world (investment banking). And there are complete industries built around innovation and creating value for the world (technology).

If you’re an entrepreneur where your success is built around the value you create for the world (e.g. Apple) , you have an opportunity to disrupt entire industries. The world doesn’t need another “Groupon for X”; we need more companies disrupting archaic institutions like healthcare, education, insurance, government, and banking. We need more companies like Uber that receive cease & desist letters from their city to shut down. And more companies like andMassive Health that utilize the power of the web to democratize entire industries.

So, the next time you think about starting or joining a company, think about your individual impact on the world. You have a real opportunity to make it better.

Wisdom from the dude Mike Karnjanaprakorn.

Stop Building Apps and Start Disrupting Industries

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