Mission Burrito Awards.

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Inspired by Esquire’s “Eat Like A Man Awards” (a name I take some umbrage with, for reasons I’ll maybe blog about later), which named El Farolito’s as the Most Life-Changing Burrito In America, I’ve decided to assign awards to a handful of Mission burritos**. Submissions most welcome. 
Papalote: “Most likely to only have been to the Mission once.”
La Taqueria: “Most likely to have a drinking problem”
El Toro Taqueria: “Most likely to live in Noe Valley.”
Taqueria Cancún‎: “Most likely to grocery shop at Bi-Rite Market while also complaining about being broke.”
El Metate: “Most likely to think Humphry Slocombe has better ice cream than Bi-Rite Creamery while not knowing more than three phrases in Spanish.”
Little Chihuahua (h/t Kyle): “Most likely to be not-so-secretly happy about gentrification”
Taqueria La Cumbre: “Most likely to be visiting from out of town”
Tacolicious (h/t Banks): “Most likely to be visiting Dolores Park via Uber.”
The same could be done for another 5 or 6 spots, but I’ll let you riff on those in your own time.
** Burritos are for losers anyway. Tacos and tortas FTW.

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