Cheat Sheet for Designing Your Life

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(h/t Dave Evans)

Reflect on the parts of your life where you have felt most inspired, engaged, connected, in a flow state. Just investigate, as if you were looking at a stranger. What do you notice? Write it down. Do it every week, if you can.

For example: “Being contrarian and right has generated the most reward in my life” Or “You can never overinvest in your family” This is a placeholder, but try and aim based on what you’ve noticed, on a theme that you could stand behind.

Throw ideas out there! And I mean more than “join a startup or go to business school” The more radical the better. What would it take for you to join the circus? You always wanted to be a dancer. What’s in the way of your doing that? Leave nothing on the table. “Yes, and” is the only way to respond to any idea in this phase

Now, this might be the most important part. Among those idaes you’ve generated, don’t choose that which is most ‘useful’ or most ‘important’ or most ‘relevant’. Choose what is most DELIGHTFUL. Which ones jump out at you as the ones that, deep down, are really you? And then go at em! Take a dance class! Spin up an LLC! Bring in some friends and see what you can build! Make, make, make until you are absolutely dizzy.

What has changed? Does your point of view tighten? Does it change? Does it withstand scrutiny?

Rinse, repeat.

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