Why We Behave Well…Some Thoughts on Tim Tebow

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Been meaning to write about this for a while, but kept putting it off until Tim Tebow of all people threw this question in my face again. (Insert Tebow throwing accuracy joke here.)

The question is: why is there a stigma in this country about being a good person?

In this country, we don’t really love or worship good people. What we love is redemption: the bad street kid who cleaned up his act. The evangelical who gave up drinking to find God. We love that story.

But we don’t love people who are good from the start. Who seem to be born to show us all the “right way to live.” We have a number of clichés that show how much we hate these people. Goody-two-shoes. Suck-up. Holier-than-thou. Precious.

When we are confronted with a person who honestly lives a good life (especially in the public eye, but not necessarily) we look for chinks in the armor. We call them hypocrites. 

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